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"The Real Caribbean Fruit Cake"

It's Steeped in History as Well as Rum

It is believed that what we refer today as the "Caribbean Rum Cake" is used in some African countries and was brought to the islands in the mid-seventeenth century.  Research has shown very little about the origins of this Rum Cake, however, Europeans have also influenced the evolving of this Cake.  Rum Cakes are very popular in the entire Caribbean region.  The are always served at Christmas, christenings, weddings, and even wakes.  The Caribbean Rum Cake is also known as Caribbean Fruit Cake, or by the addition of burnt sugar "Black Cake".    Depending on the Island you are from the cake is known as Black Cake, Christmas Pudding, Great Cake, Wedding Cake, Grooms Cake or Fruit Cake.  Some people may know it as Jamaican Black Cake or Bajan Black, called by any name, this cake remains the celebratory cake that speaks to the culture and essence of the Caribbean people everywhere.

The Tradition Lives On...

We have been baking and shipping cakes worldwide for the past 30 years.  Creating products that offer more value than our customers expect and providing faster service, has been a driving force behind everything we do.

We care about the ingredients that are put into your bodies, and using only fresh ingredients such as all butter, fresh eggs and wholesome dried fruits has always been our focus for optimum health. We use no fillers or preservatives in our cakes, rest assured that the ingredients in our cakes are as familiar as those used throughout the Caribbean region for centuries. These cakes, known as Black Cake, Fruitcake, Great Cake (Barbados) Christmas Pudding (Jamaica) Rum Cake and Wedding Cake, boast of a culture rich in history that spans the entire Caribbean region. We believe a good Black Cake can be found in any of the islands dotting the Caribbean, if baked correctly. We have always prized quality, attention to detail and authenticity when baking our cakes. It is our goal to satisfy our customers by providing cakes that remind them of “the one their grandmother used to make,” Trying our cakes just once, will convince you of the reasons why we continue to have repeat customers for over 30 years strong.

Go ahead try our cakes today and let us know what you think…

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  • "I have never had anything like it – I was very satisfied with my purchase."
    R. Metha - New Brighton, Minnesota
  • “When I ordered my cake everything was terrific, I was very impressed with your packaging, professionalism and excellent customer service.
    Joan Corbett - Hyde Park, MA
  • "Your cakes taste just like the one I used to get at home (in the Caribbean) keep making it the way you always do."
    Pearl Knight - Royal Palm Beach, FL
  • "Your orders are taken professionally and I like the way you always ship on time."
    Lorenzo Fuller - Greenwich, CT
  • “I loved your cakes and my gift recipients were overwhelmed with theirs also.”
    Joseph Fenwick - Columbia, MD

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